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            Company Introduction

            Amico Group

            Amico is an excellent annotation of friend.

            We are passionate and look forward to enjoying the happiness of life with you.

            In this catalogue, you can find many products catering to your requirements, and there are also a lot of new items you may interest in. We are dedicated to applying hi-tech to our products and bran-new idea to research and development.

            Amico pursues "six-heart" management conception with conscientious administration and production, high quality, good delivery, satisfying service to reassure our costumers. We provide you products with the honors of China Famous Brand, China Top Brand, National Inspection-free Product, China Most Competitive Product.

            Amico insists on High Product and High Service, you can find our sales agents and excellent service shops nearby, in our shops, you can have a close touch with our product to see reliable qualities and services.

            Amico expects to be your friend forever; we will fulfill our promises sincerely.

            Brand advantage

            AMICO group has more than 30 years history of professional manufacture which is the major enterprise in the industry of valves and faucets, and also is the vice president of China National Hardware Association (CNHA) and president of China National Plumbing-valve Association. Our products range covers valves, water meters, sanitary-hardware, faucets, shower rooms, bathroom-cabinets, stainless steel sinks, and fittings and so on with more than 6,000 kinds. Our annual out-put is more than 18,000,000 sets with the sales volume of over 1 billion RMB. AMICO group has 29 sub-companies, 2,600 sales-nets in domestic market as well as 7 sales branches in the world. AMICO owns more than 1300 clients, which is the top-list in china.

            Enter the 21st century, the development of enterprise changes quickly. As China entered into the WTO and with much more severe competition from the world, AMICO will make "better makes stronger, stronger promotes enlarge" as the strategic policy of company's development. We pursue "six-heart" management conception with conscientious administration and production, high quality, good delivery, satisfying service and aims to &ldquo;details above everything and customer is the first". There will be a big leap in company's future development, especially the new industry town of Amico group build up, put more funds in R&D and improve the service system under the new economic situation, continuing to take the path of sustainable development, strive to make enterprise bigger and stronger, developing on the way of international and modern enterprise.

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